Make your beverage brand stand out to modern consumers

Make your beverage brand stand out to modern consumers

Now you can meet the needs of today’s young adults with a great tasting convenient beverage
Many young adults are not meeting dietary calcium requirements, citing the inconvenience of traditional dairy products, their main source of calcium, as a barrier to consumption (1).  Young adults surveyed using different social media messages stated that communicating calcium rich products as great tasting was the largest personal motivator for their consumption (2).

Young adult consumers seek ingredients familiar to them
A study commissioned by the center for Generational Kinetics on young adult consumers, found that 79% said being able to understand everything on the ingredient list boosted their trust in the product (3).

Presenting our unique clean label ingredient solution for beverages
Capolac® milk mineral concentrate is gently derived from milk, and naturally contains a high content of bio-available calcium and phosphorus, making it an excellent alternative to traditional calcium fortification in beverages.  Only 1g of Capolac® added to your product is needed to get the same mineral content as a standard glass of milk. 

Be a leader in the growing functional beverage market
Fortified Water is forecast for 6% CAGR by 2022 (4). Consumers are looking for more than refreshment and choose beverage products that they know are good for them. Our Capolac® milk mineral concentrate can be easily incorporated into flavoured waters, soft drinks, protein drinks, and juices.

See how easy it is to formulate your functional beverage with Capolac® milk minerals
Download the attachment now, to see our concept on how you can use Capolac® in a refreshing flavoured protein water beverage.

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