Egg free


1. Can I keep a clean label status on my bakery products?
Yes. Our Nutrilac® egg replacer is based on whey proteins representing an optimal clean label replacement for eggs as it is derived from cow’s milk and 100% natural. It will be labeled as either milk or whey protein.

2. How do I use Nutrilac® egg replacer within my applications?
You will receive the proteins as a powder that will be added to your bakery mix without making any adjustments to your processes or including any additional ingredients. Based on our research results, we recommend using a 50% egg replacement as this composition yields a bakery product most similar in quality, taste and texture to those made with eggs. However, other solutions are also available.

3. Are there any constraints?
No. Since Nutrilac® egg replacer consists entirely of natural ingredients, it is easy to use in your production and does not require any additional efforts in the process.

4. What benefits does Nutrilac® egg replacer provide me?
Our solutions present an attractive alternative to eggs as they imitate the functionality of eggs completely for a wide range of different bakery products such as cakes, muffins, donuts, cookies, pastries and brownies. In some cases, Nutrilac® can make a product that is preferable to those made with eggs. For example, in cakes milk proteins contribute to a more stable batter leading to increased viscosity. This produces a higher cake volume, as well as resilient cake structure and low crumbliness.

5. Are Nutrilac® egg replacer kosher and halal certified?

6. What is whey?
Whey proteins are a natural byproduct of dairy cheese manufacturing and present the basis to derive functional milk proteins. Whey protein from milk comprises a family of more than 200 proteins, each with distinct properties and roles. By using fractionation technolo-gies, we separate the proteins by characteristic and can arrange them to produce various functions including egg-like characteristics such as whipping, gelling or emulsification. The result is our Nutrilac® egg replacer solutions that produce a comparable product for a variety of bakery applications.

7. Why should I choose Arla Foods Ingredients?
For 10 years we have continually developed and improved our 100% natural Nutrilac® egg replacer in order to satisfy the needs of our customers. We do not only work with leading experts in the use of dairy proteins, but we have continuously invested in fractionation technologies that allow us to deliver high performing egg replacer solutions in a variety of bakery applications. In return, we gained trust in our products from all over the globe including more than 50 customers in the UK.