Season’s Greetings

Press release Published: 18/12/2012

Opening doors through investment

In Arla Foods Ingredients, we take stock of a year of excellent performance!
Continuing investment in production, innovation, partnerships and sharing the latest knowledge opens many doors of opportunity on the changing global market.
We have made such investments integral to our growth strategy. During 2012, we have seen, once again, that this approach returns many rewards.
More capacity from 2013
Among our achievements is an extensive expansion of our main whey processing plant in Denmark. Building works are now close to completion and the plant is on schedule to commence full-scale production from the New Year.
Our joint venture enterprise with DMK in Germany will supply the volumes of high-quality whey necessary to utilise this new processing capacity – making us fully prepared to meet the fast-growing demand for our speciality whey proteins and high quality lactose.
Market breakthroughs
Through our relentless commitment to innovation, we have brought several value-added products to market. Two nutritional breakthroughs are (1) a protein for UHT ready-to-drink beverages, aimed at supporting recovery from illness, and  (2) an advanced whey hydrolysate that promotes fast muscle recovery after sports training.
We are particularly pleased that one of our whey hydrolysates recently became the first to gain approval in China. This can partly be attributed to our knowledge-sharing annual seminar in Beijing, where we invite customers and representatives of the Chinese authorities to learn about the latest whey protein studies. In expanding our own global reach and that of our customers, such approvals are of great importance.
In-house development
Within our lactose and permeate business, we also continue to make progress. In-house development of unique pilot equipment for testing lactose quality, for example, has given us a head start in the ongoing drive to enhance the yield and purity of lactose production. At the same time, the high standard of our permeate production is promoting increasingly widespread use of this source of milk solids for food production.