New whey protein for the sporting elite

Press release Published: 07/09/2012

Arla Foods Ingredients announces pending launch at Hi Europe 2012

Arla Foods Ingredients has some major product news in store for visitors to Hi Europe 2012 in Frankfurt on 13-15 November.
The event will mark the launch of an effective whey protein designed to optimise muscle recovery in elite sportsmen and women. More details will be available immediately prior to the opening.
For ready-to-drink clinical nutrition, Arla Foods Ingredients has also just brought to the market – a new-generation whey protein concentrate stable in UHT formulations at neutral pH.
This will be featured alongside Lacprodan® PL-20, which, with its high content of bioactive phospholipids, is believed to promote healthy ageing and cognitive development in infancy.
All three products have an important contribution to make to the health and wellness food sector.
Beverages, desserts and ice cream samples containing the whey-derived ingredients will be available at the Arla Foods Ingredients Hi Europe booth: E2.
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