Lab crystalliser impresses in St-Malo

Press release Published: 07/09/2012

Arla Foods Ingredients presents new scientific advance in lactose crystallisation

Better, purer lactose production is the ultimate outcome of the new Arla Foods Ingredients lab crystalliser presented at the 5th International Symposium on Spray Dried Dairy Products in St-Malo, France.
Around 500 delegates from around the world attended the event, where food scientist Niels Nielsen introduced the unique ability of the pilot-scale apparatus to simulate and monitor lactose production.

Insights for fine-tuning
Data recorded by the lab crystalliser provides invaluable insights into how commercial lactose production can be fine-tuned to give the best possible yield and quality. The goal is to produce even higher quality lactose for use in infant nutrition, bakery, confectionery and other products.
“The symposium was a great opportunity to share knowledge about how we are using the lab crystalliser,” Nielsen says. 
“It’s a new way to approach the crystallisation process, so there was a lot of interest shown in the way it works and the data we are able to get from it.”The lab crystalliser presentation was part of a session dedicated to the latest scientific advances in lactose and crystallisation.  Four more sessions covered other developments in the dairy spray-drying field.

Results so far
In the year since it was installed, the equipment has already proven its worth. Model test results have enabled process optimisation at the Arla Foods Ingredients plants in Denmark and Argentina and supported the choice of processing equipment for the new ArNoCo GmbH & Co. joint venture facility in North Germany.
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