Improve yield in full fat cheese by up to 18%

Press release Published: 18/01/2012

Surely it can’t be that easy? But with Nutrilac® CH-4560 it is.

Trying to increase yields whilst maintaining the quality and characteristics of your cheese products is a challenge faced by most cheese makers. With Nutrilac® CH-4560’s unique micro-particulated formula, it is possible to increase the yield by between 5%* and 18%* without resulting in softer textures.

Nutrilac® CH-4560 can potentially provide you with:

  • Increased yields of up to 18%* in full fat cheese
  • Reduced raw material costs
  • Improved production line efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nutrilac® CH-4560 safe to use in all cheese types?

Yes, the specification of Nutrilac® CH-4560 is very unique, as it holds no clostrides. At the same time the total plate count is at such a low level that the low dosages recommended can not cause any cheese defects!

Is Nutrilac® CH-4560 simple to use?

Yes. The special production method results in a fast dispersible powder, allowing Nutrilac® CH-4560 to easily dissolve in both water and milk. If resting longer than 30 minutes, you are required to stir the solution, to ensure a homogeneous mix.

Does the addition of Nutrilac® CH-4560 change the protein breakdown during ripening?

No. Unlike whey proteins in general, the micro-particles from Nutrilac® CH-4560 do not influence the casein breakdown (soluble nitrogen). The micro-particles are placed individually in the cheese matrix, and the ripening enzymes therefore have full access to perform the proteolysis of the caseins.

Will the cheese become more bitter from adding Nutrilac® CH-4560?

No. Bitter taste in cheese is a result of a slow proteolysis of casein, creating long chained peptides with a bitter taste. Tests show that micro-particulates from Nutrilac do not slow the proteolysis.