Investments boost production of high-value ingredients

Press release Published: 31/10/2011

Availability of documented nutritional proteins to increase in 2012

Construction work has begun on a new spray-drying tower at Arla Foods Ingredients’ whey processing plant in Denmark to accommodate rising global sales of high-value nutritional ingredients.
The major investment will enable a much-needed expansion of alpha-lactalbumin and caseinoglycomacropeptide (CGMP) production. Both these whey-based ingredients offer documented nutritional benefits that are increasingly sought-after by food manufacturers.
Additional supplies of raw whey protein will start arriving at the Danish plant from the end of 2012 – delivered by the new EUR 35 million whey processing facility at the heart of a joint venture agreement between Arla Foods Ingredients and the German dairy company DMK.
“Sourcing sufficient supplies of high-quality whey to meet the growing demand for our products has been a challenge for us in recent years. Our partnership with DMK is an important step forward in overcoming this,” says Henrik Andersen, CEO.
“We are very excited about the new opportunities to expand our capacity that these important investments bring.”
Over the next few years, further significant investments are planned at the Danish whey processing plant.
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