A memorable year

Press release Published: 01/12/2011

Arla Foods Ingredients thanks you for your support

2011 has marked the beginning of our journey as an independent player on the global food market. Following our move from a division in Arla Foods to a 100% owned subsidiary of the Arla Foods Group, we have started to realise the potential that this change of status brings.
As a customer, your experience of this change so far has hopefully been business as usual – with the same level of quality in the deliveries and service we provide. During 2012, however, many of you will feel the first positive improvements resulting from this year’s initiatives.
Expanding production and sales
Major investments underway at our whey processing plant in Denmark promise a significant increase in our capacity to produce speciality proteins during next year. The raw materials for this production expansion will come from our new joint venture partner, Germany’s largest dairy company DMK.
Within sales, we have both opened a new office in Mexico and moved to larger premises in Argentina in response to our growing market there. The knowledge shared across our international network is a priceless resource when developing optimised solutions for local preferences and needs.
Solving nutritional concerns
The value of milk-based ingredients in all sorts of applications is increasingly widely understood. Two projects this year have investigated the nutritional contribution of our Variolac® 850 whey permeate in food aid for moderately undernourished children. In the spring, we received the Danish Agriculture & Food Council’s innovation prize for our Lacprodan® CGMP-20, which provides essential dietary protein for those with the rare genetic disorder phenylketonuria (PKU).
For the millions of lactose-intolerant consumers, our process development experts have devised new technology for producing delicious dairy nutrition without lactose. Our licence package has made this technology accessible to dairy companies all over the world.