Twintell® Application Programme brings unique benefits to Arla Foods Ingredients customers

Press release Published: 02/11/2009

The Twintell® Application Programme ensures a maximum of benefits for customers and brings Arla’s business development competencies out into the light

Starting this fall, customers will be introduced to Arla Foods Ingredients' way of working in a new, more clear and understandable way. The section of Arla Foods Ingredients that works specifically with (FMP) and is launching the .

In short, the is at the core of what makes us stand out from the crowd. It is a simple, three-step programme where we first invite customers to tell us about the challenges they face with a particular product or solution. We then invite them to our where we spend a week trial-and-testing us through multiple taste samples and possible solutions. Finally, we go large scale and test the preferred solution in the customer’s production facility. And the best part: it’s all for free and with no strings attached.

Our track record shows that we both improve products and reduce costs when we are brought in. We offer a process of analyses, testing, and evaluation that makes our way of working unique and unparalleled. In a , our customers benefit from the undivided attention of our experienced application centre staff that is focused on guiding the journey from a specific customer need to a Twintell® solution.

The three steps in the are called define, develop, and deploy.

In we define the challenges that the customer faces with a particular solution and we establish the purpose and goal of this customer’s particular

In , we develop a solution using our unique test plant. We invite the customer to come visit us at the application centre and over the course of a week, we run all the tests needed for a great technical solution.

In , we deploy the solution in a large-scale test at the customers’ production facilities. We examine the results of our efforts and reach a final technical and commercial conclusion.

Naturally, there is more to Arla Foods Ingredients than the Twintell® Application Programme, but we think the idea of a distinct programme that features all our main competencies in a simple, three-step process will help us gain understanding and commitment among customers and help them understand that Arla Foods Ingredients is an opportunity that is too good to miss.