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Press release Published: 05/11/2009

Cost cutting is high on the priority list of most of our customers. What we can offer are opportunities that not only save you money but also enhance the quality of your ice cream.

Our NUTRILAC® IC range of is designed to replace the skimmed milk powder (SMP) in your recipes.
Due to the fluctuating and often high price of SMP, there have been many attempts to replace it, most often with whey powder. The limitation here is that not all the SMP can be replaced due to the typical off-taste of whey, the undesirable yellow colour it gives the final product and unfavourable ice crystal development.
NUTRILAC® IC makes it possible to cut costs by replacing SMP 100%. To consumers, it will taste at least as good as if it were made with milk or cream. The chances are they will think it tastes even better.

A real-life case
Many customers already profit from skimmed milk powder replacement with NUTRILAC® IC. Here’s an insight into the benefits one of our customers has gained:

  • Costs cut by on average 22%
  • Stronger market image due to improved sensory quality
  • Easy, direct replacement requires minimum development time
  • Minimum processing adjustment with no extra investment necessary

Next week: The natural whey to sensational ice cream.