The natural whey to sensational ice cream

Press release Published: 12/11/2009

Our functional milk proteins are all made from natural whey. But not just any whey. The fact that we only choose the very best whey for our products is critical to creating ice cream with the right taste and texture.

Replace the skimmed milk powder in your recipe with NUTRILAC® IC, and you will immediately appreciate the good, clean milk flavour, high creaminess and excellent meltdown – and that’s regardless of whether your is premium, low-fat or non-fat.
Our proteins will make your slightly softer and more scoopable – a texture that has widespread appeal on many markets. However, using our processing expertise, we can adjust the texture to your precise requirements. No matter what your target market prefers, we can help you provide it. is only sensational when tailored to local tastes.
Choose Arla Foods Ingredients as your ice cream partner, and experience the benefits:

  • Leading natural solutions that both cut costs and improve quality
  • Fast time-to-market for customised solutions
  • High-level development support from our application centre
  • Leading advice on process optimisation

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