An ice cream partner from every perspective

Press release Published: 26/10/2009

Ice cream innovation is always a hot topic for those who deliver to this highly competitive market. Whether developing exciting new products, cutting costs or meeting local taste and texture preferences, a strong, knowledgeable partner makes the job a whole lot easier – and faster.

You don’t need to look further than this website.

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we provide the natural proteins, the advice on process optimisation and the practical development support that gives you:

  • The fast route from idea to market
  • The top-tuned ingredients for great value for money
  • The natural whey to sensational ice cream 

Read part 1 now: The fast route from idea to market

Part 1
The fast route from idea to market
Dialogue. Along with our extensive expertise, that’s our most important tool for ensuring you the shortest possible for new or improved products.
We want to give you the right solution as fast and efficiently as possible. So an  initial brainstorm, where you give us your and we provide further inspiration and knowledge, is always the best way to start. Our global presence also enables us to draw on upcoming from around the world.

This key input is the basis for the solutions we propose. To make the development process go even faster, you can join us in our , where we have the facilities to test anything up to 30 recipes a day – no trouble at all.

Our are only part of the complete package we offer. Process optimisation is equally essential. After many years of experience and thousands of trials, we know exactly how processing parameters influence quality – and how processes interact with our ingredients.
This is how we make sure that the solution we deliver is the best one to suit your needs. We hope you’ll agree.

Extensive, efficient application support
Our application centre is fully equipped to simulate our customers’ ice cream processes. Every week, we have the capability to:

  • Run more than 100 pilot-scale application trials
  • Host 3-5 customer visits

In next week, we will open our brand new application centre close to our head office in Denmark. Here we will offer our customers an even higher level of service at a more easily accessible location.

Next week: The top-tuned ingredients for great value for money.